Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 345........20 more days!

This year has been the CRAZIEST year.  It has been a time of letting go and letting GOD.  Developing a personal relationship with Christ needs a disclosure, fine print that for me would read as follows:

do not attempt  unless you are prepared for BATTLE, full amour required at all times, if at any time you do not apply the FULL amour you will get knocked down; However, Jesus is enough, His Grace is sufficient, be cofident and wait for the still small voice that appears as a moth.  Do not get shaken, take every thought and make it reflect God's best.  Do Not Do anything under stress when emotions run high, WAIT on the Lord.  Imitate a eagle and fly over the storm and let the winds guide you to a safe landing.  Never Give Up, Jesus is our ROCK, REDEEMER, STONG TOWER, DELIVERER, PROVIDER and FRIEND.  GO BOLDLY to the throne and never stop BELIEVING!!!!!

During these last 20 days, I am believing for great things and new beginning that will be the result of this HUGE step of faith for my family.  

We made an offer on a house and I am waiting the results......This house means country living, land, aquiet, simple life, a christain school, closer to our provision (Jobs), and closer to Lake Michigan.  It also means Good-Bye to a life that I love in Kalamazoo.  I have to believe that God will provide the right church and the right friends for my family. I have the BEST church and AMAZING friends in Kalamazoo.  This is bitter/sweet.

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